1) Removal of wisdom tooth –
Gum infection or pericoronitis can occur if the wisdom tooth is partially erupted. Infections lead to bad breath, pain and swelling.

Impacted or not erupted wisdom teeth can sometimes cause pressure pain and resorption if close enough to the neighboring teeth.

Orthodontic reasons, for straightening teeth or creating a space if the teeth are crowding.
Wisdom teeth with abscess or cyst infected should be removed as they lead to bone resorption.

2) Oral & Maxillofacial Traumas –
Millions of people sustain trauma to the head and face resulting in complex fractures which if not correctly diagnosed and treated, may cause permanent functional deformities. Shiny White deals with all kinds of traumas that include Facial and Oral lacerations, Knocked out teeth, Fractured Jaws, Facial bones and orbit and head and neck trauma.

3) TMJ or Jaw joint Disorders –
Temporomandibular joint, the joint that connects the jaw to the skull, disorders are treated in Shiny White Dental Center with great deal of knowledge and skills.

Steps of wisdom tooth removal
The digital 3d x-ray provides the surgical operator with all the information unseen with the naked eye.

Before any surgery, the patient is first prepared both psychologically and physically for the procedure. A strong anesthetic is administered to keep the patient numb and the procedure pain free.

Erupted wisdom teeth are the easiest to be removed because the crown is fully invisible which provides a good grip for their removal.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth demands a small gum opening to provide visibility for the crown and to facilitate its removal.

Impacted or completely unerupted wisdom teeth demand a small opening in the gum and slight bone removal to make the tooth visible.

The digital 3d x-ray is a powerful tool as it shows the impacted wisdom state in the bone regarding its curvature, number of roots and approximation to vital structures. The gum opening is then sutured back into place and left to heal.

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