1) Plaque and calculus are two of the main reasons for gum bleeding, having a scaling and root planning session eliminates the bacteria present therefore eliminating gum bleeding.

2) Disease prevention by removing bacteria that can travel to other parts of the body leading to infections.

3) Protecting patient’s teeth by removing plaque and calculus on teeth that can lead to periodontal diseases and bone degeneration. Periodontal diseases can cause teeth mobility leading to their falling eventually.

4) Eliminating Pockets that cause bad breath and bad taste in the mouth.

5) Aesthetic reasons by removing stains and calculus on teeth that affect the appearance.

1)Scaling- Performed with special dental instruments and an ultrasonic device that remove calculus and plaque from the crown and root surfaces. It does that by moving at a very fast speed to break them into little pieces to facilitate their removal. Also includes an irrigation process with an antimicrobial agent that reduces oral bacteria.

2) Root planning- Includes cleaning the roots deeply and remove any attached bacteria to their surfaces and to make it impossible for bacteria to reattach to the roots again. Pockets are then treated with antibiotics kill bacteria and ensure healing.

3) Polishing- A process of removing unwanted stains off the crowns by using a special brush mixed with abrasive toothpaste that works deeply on the tooth surface keeping shiny and clean.

Strength points:
1) Using Digital 3d x-ray makes it esy to identify pockets and affected teeth.
2) The special ultrasonic device used with the antimicrobial irrigation eliminates bacteria.
3) Pain free treatment ensured

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