What is Twinkles?

A tiny precious jewel sparkling up your smile. With dental flowable
composite came the idea to bond precious jewelry to the tooth. 
Catching on to this trend in the late ninethies we specially 
designed Twinkles to bond firmly to the surface of the tooth.

The size covering 1/4 - 1/3 of the surface - tiny and elegant. 
We choose precious clean metals 22-24k Gold and 18k White Gold
to create a harmless non-invasive and reversible body fashion.

How well does Twinkles stay on?

The gold setting is made with a slightly curved back to follow the shape of the tooth. A bonding procedure using etch, bond and flow would last several years, or until polished off. We recommend clinics to give a 6 month warranty on their work to secure client satisfaction. We guarantee the diamond setting for three years.

The wearer may feel the Twinkles during the first few days of attachment. However, he or she will soon get used to the presence of the gem. They are small and flat, designed this way so that it will barley be felt. There will also be no inconvenience when eating or having teeth professionally cleaned.

Twinkles vs. Crystals as tooth jewelry.

Dental crystals provided by Twindent are glass crystals 
with a platinum foil backing. The backing is there to create 
the reflextions. Twinkles on the other hand are real diamonds 
and due to the cone shape they are set in gold to create a 
slightly rounded backside to fit the surface of the tooth.

Crystals look great but are not as durable as Twinkles.

Crystals by Swarovski elements

We supply Swarowski crystal elements with platinum foiling on the back for extra brilliance and protection. The entire assortment of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS adhere to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard – a new, innovative lead-free* crystal composition, complying with current laws and regulations governing the use of certain substances in finished products.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less. 
We sell the crystals in packs of 5 in the web shop.

What is Twinkles? A tiny precious jewel sparkling up your smile. With dental flowablecomposite came the idea to bond precious jewelry to the tooth.  Catching on to this trend in the late ninethies

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