Porcelain Laminate Veneers

new102Laminate porcelains are very thin ceramic materials we especially use on anterior teeth. They are largely used for patients that are not satisfied with the color of their teeth or have broken, abraded, overlapped teeth, as well as patients with diastema. The most essential property of the application is the preparation of the teeth by abrading approximately 0.5mm of the surface.


How can such a thin and fragile slice of porcelain have such a strong structure? laminate porcelains show the samenew101 physical characteristics as tooth enamel after it is laminated onto teeth. Practices such as the abrasion of the teeth,
taking measurements, production and the application process of the laminates are prepared and carried out very meticulously. If not, patients may experience negative outcomes

Laminate Porcelains Are Suitable For…

• Patients with broken or notched anterior teeth, as well as structural defects
• Patients who have color defects or patients are not satisfied with their tooth colour
• Patients who have stains on their teeth due to tetracycline or excessive use of fluorine
• Patients whose teeth have changed colour due to root canal treatment or trauma
• Patients with diastema on their anterior teeth
• Patients who have structural defects on their anterior teeth and reject orthodontic treatment.

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