Porcelain Inlays & Onlays


Porcelain Inlays & Onlays

Your dentist may remove your amalgam fillings on your posterior teeth and replace them with pocelain inlay fillings. Porcelain fillings are hard, durable and esthetic fillings put on the cavities your dentist makes to remove decay. They are fixed in place with special a cement or bonding (chemical and multi-staged fixing system). Inlay porcelains are fillings prepared only for the chewing surface of your teeth. Onlay porcelains, however, are larger fillings that include the lateral surfaces of the teeth.

Properties of Inlay – Onlay Porcelains2323

• Protective Orthodontics at children to prevent worsening any problem, or trying to preventing God willing, "in some simple cases be all that a patient needs is moving Orthodontics, you can take off at occasions."
• Functional orthodontics: During period of growth to amend and stimulate the growth one of jaws or both: in other cases requires orthodontics surgery (surgical Orthodontics).
• Fixed orthodontics: most often be fixed Orthodontic is the appropriate means for treatment and Fixed orthodontics with several forms including (metallic - colored transparent - lingual ceramic or hidden).

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Adopted the time which orthodontics takes it on the situation of the teeth and gums, and the distance that must the teeth moving it, and also on the response of the patient and the regularity of appointments, so the time it takes orthodontics varies from person to person, but often takes treatment between one and three years after remove Calendar patient must put moving orthodontics throughout the day for a period of six months, then moving can placed only at bedtime for a period determined by physician.


• Your dentist does not cut the tooth as with for crowns. Instead, they prevent the structural loss of the tooth. Only decay is removed, and the porcelain inlay or overlay iscustom made to ensure a perfect and seamless fit between itself and the tooth.
• They do not change color over time as with composite fillings (fillings made according to tooth colour). As they are made of porcelain, they cannot be fixed onto colorific substances.
• They protect the tooth against forces due to their solid structure.
• They do not cause loss of esthetics as with amalgam fillings. They look natural as they are designed according to the natural colour of your tooth.
• It only takes 2 sessions to make them.
• As their surface is polished, food remnants do not stick on them. Hence, they are hygienic.
• As they are made of porcelain, you do not experince “polymerization shrinkage” that can be seen in composite fillings after they are fitted, thus, you will not experience sensitivity against hot or cold and tooth decay will not repeat.
• For teeth with excessive enamel loss and especially those having undergone root canal treatment, porcelain onlays can be used to repair the lost parts of the teeth with the help of adhesive systems.
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