Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening as the name implies is the treatment leads to whiter teeth and bright natural smile. The aim of teeth whitening treatment is have a natural white teeth a little brighter in color than the sclera of the eyes. Teeth whitening do not fit everyone. And it is not recommended to use in the following cases :

1. Age less than 16 years: it is not recommended for ages under 16 years because the nerve is usually large and close in the young and therefore bleach solutions can affect the health of the nerve or lead to its sensitivity.
2. During pregnancy or breastfeeding: teeth whitening is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.
3. Sensitive Tooth: bleach usually increases the sensitivity of the teeth, and its use may aggravate the problem.
4. Infections or gum disease.
5. The presence of fillings, crowns or bridges: whitening cannot bleach fillings, crowns or bridges. So the whitening will bleach natural teeth and creates a type of heterogeneity. And in case you are interested in whitening. bleach must be done first, and then wait at least two weeks to take the teeth color, and then the doctor put the filling or crown.
6. High discoloration of teeth: whitening works well on bleaching yellow teeth, the teeth that tends to be brown in color be bleached harder while the dark gray or violet color teeth cannot be bleached well or could not be whitened at all. In such cases fillings or crowns are used as an option. Your dentist is the only one who can give you the best choices,
7. Unrealistic Expectations: teeth whitening teeth lead to beautiful looking in the vast majority of patients. But there is a percentage of people do not respond to this process such as smokers who should know that the results will be not encouraging unless they stop smoking, especially during the bleaching process.


Teeth Whitening Systems?

With all types of bleach results will vary from one person to another, and degree of success of bleach rely on the condition of dental health, the type and degree of yellowing teeth, the type and concentration of the solution used in bleach, time used, and follow the patient instructions, and whitening system used .


Teeth whitening systems:

1. Whitening toothpastes: you can find them on the shelves of supermarkets, malls or pharmacies and contain bleaching and chemicals materials. Whitening toothpastes do not make deeply bleaching and you could not obtain the better results such as those obtained at the dentist. The whitening toothpastes can bleach your teeth one degree or less. The whitening at the dentist can secure whitening of teeth from three to eight degrees.
2. Home teeth whitening:
- The dentist makes a special container according to your teeth size. This vessel allows to the maximum degree of contact between the teeth and bleach solution. Teeth whitening solution placed into the container and left in the mouth at bedtime. This is the best home way to whiten teeth.
B) You can buy prefabricated container of the teeth, and this vessel is of one size for all, and is relatively effective but not like the one made by your dentist. Bleach solution is placed inside the bowl and left during sleep period in the mouth.
- Whitening strips: You can buy these strips in supermarkets or pharmacies, and put them on the front teeth twice a day for 30 minutes for two weeks, during which the materials located on the segment laundering teeth, and can live results of this bleaching period of four months.
3. Whitening at the dentist: better and faster means of teeth whitening, where the doctor uses materials severe bleaching, but does not affect the strength of the teeth, the doctor will put a protective layer of the gums around the teeth to avoid the effect of bleach it and then is put this material on the teeth directly. The laser can be used to accelerate the bleaching process.
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